Dog Gone Clean FAQs

How long will it take my carpet to dry?
It depends on humidity - if it's a rainy day, it may take a little longer but on a drier day outside, it can be quick - even quicker if you can get circulation going.  We do know that we leave your carpets far drier than just about anyone because we use a ratio of 1:3. For every power stroke, we use three dry strokes to make sure we get everything up.

Is your work guaranteed?
Satisfaction guaranteed - we have great references upon request.  And we offer our regular customers an "oops clause".  You get one free oops a year.  Maybe you spilled some wine, or the dog left a surprise, or a bowl of soup got spilled... just give us a call and we'll come out and remove the stain for free. 

What type of cleaning methods do you use?
We start with some questions about preferences, allergies, eco-friendly goals, and then we start conservatively and ramp up the products as necessary - we don't believe in excessive treatment for the sake of overkill.  

Do you have eco and pet friendly cleaning options?
Most of our products are citrus based for that very reason.  For people too - it's about life friendly.  For pet stains, we have developed my own pet friendly blends that work wonders. We also are very good at finding pet stains from very clever pets.

Are you insured?
Absolutely! We are fully insured - we care that you're taken care of and if, by some fluke something were to happen, then you don't have to worry because we've got you covered.  

Do you move furniture?
Yes, we do. Costs are based on customer participation.  Our starting price is based on a vacuumed carpet with normal wear and tear in main traffic areas.  We're flexible with how much help you may need in moving your furniture.  Just ask.

What is included with your cleaning services?
We pride ourselves in that we don't just come clean your carpet area, we also vacuum around your door jams and baseboards so that your rooms are truly clean.

Do you offer free estimates?
Absolutely!  Call or email us with your needs and dimensions and we'll happily find a price that works for you. This is about a long-term relationship. We offer affordability so that you can maintain your carpets - clean them more than once a year.  

Will you finish the cleaning process with a low or neutral pH treatment?
We finish the cleaning process with a rinse that leaves your carpets squeaky clean and soft to your feet.  You'll like the way they feel because, they'll be dog gone clean!

We are the best carpet cleaning service in the Eugene and Springfield area!